Wellington  Thursday Night Curry


Once upon a time there was a gathering of engineers, sysadmins, programmers and other technical people. They came together in New Zealand's capital city, Wellington, with curry and beer. Often, quite a lot of beer. They decided to continue this consumption each week, and thus Thursday Night Curry was born.

Current Day

Years later, the gatherings continue. The focus has moved away from just technical matters, and includes anyone who wants to take part. Most of the participants still work with the Internet, but many other interesting people have become regulars.


It happens every week, at the same place, at the same time.

88 Manners Mall, Wellington, New Zealand
Gathering at 7:30pm, food ordered at 8:00pm

World Domination

This is the Wellington website but there are curry sleeper cells in Auckland, New Zealand, Dunedin, New Zealand, Melbourne, Australia and San Francisco, USA.


How is the bill paid?
At the end of the evening, we divide the total bill by the number of attendees. Everyone pays the same amount. This does mean that if you have a small meal and don't order any drink, you'll still end up paying a fair whack of the bill.
How much does the average bill cost?
Usually each person pays between $30 and $40.
What's this about a magic number?
In the before time, the magic number granted the power for one person to eat free. After the Griggs-Naylor incident, its power has been mysteriously diminished.
What's this about a magic word?
It's just people being silly. The moral of the story is don't take anything too seriously.
Do I need to book?
Not currently. There's always a danger that we may have too many people for the restaurant, but we will deal with that when it happens.
Why is the talk so .. geeky?
Because that's our background. If you can't stand that sort of thing, then perhaps TNC is not for you. Non-geek discussion is always available upon request.
Is there a hazing ritual for first-timers?
Yes; You have to talk to us.
Why is Daawat's website so butt ugly?
We don't know, but their food and service is good.
Who runs Thursday Night Curry?
No-one. Everyone contributes as they see fit.
My intertubes are full!
Unplug your computer phone from the wall and pour water on it. Leave to dry for at least two minutes before plugging in again.
Blogcasting to the iPodosphere via AJAX?
Comic Strip: I guess you could say I'm a pretty 'new media' kinda guy. Every part of my life goes on the web. There's my Vlog on U-Tub. My normal text blog. And my photolog on flicka. Yep. I've got Web 2.0 on LOCKDOWN. There's only one problem... 0 COMMENTS. No one cares.. (maybe it's because I don't have a podcast)

(We don't know who did this comic but it's grand)

Is there an official anthem, unanimously agreed by the attendees?
There is. Click the play button: (may take a while to load)
Choose curry. Choose a meat. Choose a flavor. Choose a Naan. Choose far to much rice. Choose white shirts, glasses, small metal bowls and crowds of geeks. Choose curryokie, cool sake and hard drinking. Choose Kingfisher Strong or a red wine. Choose Indian hot. Choose industry networking. Choose curry stained clothing being washed in the morning. Choose stuck in the can from not eating hot food often enough. Choose late for work on Friday morning because you're still drunk from one too many brews. Choose wasting valuable mailing-list posting time doing a job that earns you enough money for your next meal at Daawat. Choose witty reparte and thinly veiled insults flung around in an environment that still manages to convey welcome to random strangers. Choose your future.

Choose curry.


There is a simple mailing list for chatter between Thursdays. New members are expected to introduce themselves, and attend curry sometime. If you subscribe but don't attend, don't be offended if you are removed from the list.

Magic words

The following words have been contributed by the denizens of TNC

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